From the Pastor Search Team

A Review of Biblical Guidelines and Qualities of the Pastor

The Pastor is to possess the 16 prerequisites listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

The Pastor will handle scripture correctly. He will build up the church by rightly dividing God’s Word as described in 2 Timothy 2:14-15.

The Pastor will model the 9 Spirit produced character traits listed in Galatians 5:22-23.

The Pastor will equip believers for the work of ministry and will build up the body of Christ as described in Ephesians 4:11-12.

The Pastor will be aligned with all the Biblical facts contained in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.


Step One – Preliminary Work. 

1.    The Church shall elect a Pastor Search Team.

a.    The Team begins meeting for prayer, to organize and begin discussing steps for a process guide. 

2.    Prayer is always a priority for every step. Invite prayer support from the church and encourage forming a prayer team.

3.    Establish lines of communication to keep the church informed:

a.    Select a Team spokesman for Sunday morning updates.

b.    Utilize the FBC website – once finalized, post the PST 9 Step Process as well as the Biblical qualifications of a Pastor.  

c.    Church newsletter and bulletin as needed.

4.    Create 3 Profiles:

a.    Pastor Profile. 

1)    Do a congregational survey, review and use the results as a guide. 

b.    Church Profile.

1)    Include Church convictions and beliefs.

2)    Utilize Grayson Association church history date on attendance, giving and missions support.  

3)    Consider the spiritual health of the church.

c.    Community Profile.

1)    Identify our mission field.

2)    Review north Texas demographic data.  

5.    Prayerfully review Biblical guidelines and qualifications of a Pastor.

a.    Formulate these and make available church wide and on FBC website.

6.    Prayerfully prepare a prospective Pastors’ questionnaire. 

a.    To be completed by top 5 candidates at the proper time. 

Step Two – Receiving Resumes.  

1.    Establish a designated email for resumes. Resumes by regular mail are equally welcome and expected. 

2.    Designate a person to receive them and provide copies to the Team.  

3.    Select resume acceptance Open and Close dates. 

4.    Post the position to all selected sites.

5.    Consider recommendations and referrals from individuals.   

Step Three – Narrowing the Field.

1.    Individually and as a Team, prayerfully review resumes, keeping Biblical qualifications and Pastor profile in mind to categorize into: 

a.    Primary candidate.  b. Secondary candidate. c. Not a candidate. 

2.    Send letters to those who will no longer be considered. 

3.    Continue narrowing the primary candidates through prayer, viewing on line sermons and resume screening. 

4.    Finalize a Pastor questionnaire.

5.    Through Prayer and discussion, compile a top 5 list.                                                                                                                                    

Step Four – First Contact with top 5 candidates.                                                                                                     

1.    Confirm each of these candidates are still available and willing to be considered.

2.    Ask permission to run background check. Also ask each for a self-obtained, 3 bureau credit report.

3.    Send Pastor questionnaire to the top 5.

4.    Run background checks. 

Step Five – Narrowing down to a top candidate.                                                                                                                                    

1.    Contacting references – involve entire team using a list of questions as a guide, take notes and share insights.   

2.    Listen to their sermons on line and inquire about links to other sermons not published on his home church’s website or other domains. 

3.    Take necessary time to further narrow down to a single top candidate. (100%).

Step Six – Getting Serious.

1.    Prayerfully determine to pursue one candidate.

2.    Confirm that he is still available and interested. 

3.    Provide him with FBCC Constitution & Bylaws, annual budget, Church and Community Profiles and other documentation as requested.

4.    Using discretion and with his permission, visit the candidate’s church to evaluate:

a.    The service.  

b.    His sermon delivery and content.

c.    Church environment. Is the church 1) Alive. 2) Is there excitement? 3) Do members appear engaged or apathetic?  4) Is it friendly or unfriendly?

d.    Discuss with PST and pray about this candidate continuing as the top candidate.

5.    Arrange for an interview via phone, zoom etc.

6.    Afterwards, discuss and agree to continue with this candidate as the top choice.   

Step Seven – Pursuing one candidate. 

1.    Arrange an in person interview at a neutral site or online.

a.    Use previously compiled list of questions as a guide to the Q&A time. Be flexible, allow God to lead.  

b.    Afterwards, consider the interview outcome and responses to questions. Share observations and insights. 

c.    If PST decides not to pursue the candidate, inform them and begin praying for God to show us the next candidate.  

2.    Arrange a second interview at the church property, keeping their confidentiality as a priority.  

a.    Show them around FBC and the Collinsville community.

b.    Have a final in depth interview time together with he and his family.                                                                                                                              

Step Eight – Confirming God’s Leadership.                                                                                                                              

1.    Plan a weekend church wide social/meal/introduction time and Sunday service preaching in view of a call. 

2.    With a prior week notice, hold a Church vote following the Sunday service. (Constitution and Bylaws).

3.    Notify the congregation of the results. If the vote affirms God’s man and his family, move to the final step. 

4.    If the vote does not affirm them, the process will be repeated with the current PST or by a newly elected PST.  

Step Nine – Assimilating the Pastor and his family. 

1.    Assist in coordinating the Pastors move as needed and begin building relationships.

2.    Make sure all other candidates have received the appropriate response from the Team.  

3.    Dissolve the Pastor Search Team once the transition period is complete and it purposes are fulfilled. 

Rev. 7/12/2023